Postscript 2007

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Image via Ubuweb of Henri Chopin’s Sol Air (1964). Goodnight Henri.
A week into the new year, I’ve finally whittled away at the nostalgia and the prophecy of the year-end lists. Beginning by adding to the downpour of CES coverage, I turn your attention to Earth2tech’s Green Guide to CES. While the tech-nodes are being stimulated, tickle the ears with Disquiet’s rundown of Ubuweb’s first “featured resources” of 2008. Rekindle the visual cortex with 2007′s best photographers and stretch your brain around last year’s top ten new organisms. In case you missed it Hell did freeze over last year and the micronation movement is gaining momentum. Timetravel was made possible thanks to eBay and geek power. On that note, let us not forget all the people who died in 2007. To those we never knew who changed our lives forever, goodnight.

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