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The Dangers of Meeting Lies With Lies

How many people really protested in New York City as part of Occupy Wall Street? One thing’s for sure…the media and the government don’t want you to know. And apparently at least one of Occupation Wall Street’s supporters doesn’t, either.

The above animated GIF was produced by a guy named Tim Parkinson in response to the circulating on Facebook of the more crowd-heavy version, in later incarnation with the claim that the photo was being “pulled down off Facebook” and so “The photographer added some text” to combat Facebook censorship. I myself reposted this image in response to such a message.

The “photographer” appears to be Google Maps, which should have been evident on first glance. That makes the claim that “The photographer added some text” completely silly. The more crowd-heavy version appears to have been created by a well-intentioned Occupy Wall Street supporter looking to create a visceral sense of the movement’s huge number of supporters…that aren’t actually there.

Whatever well-intentioned Photoshopper faked this photo should be ashamed of him or herself. To paraphrase Martin Luther King, lies cannot overcome lies…they only add a deeper darkness to a night devoid of stars.

But far more ashamed of themselves should be the conservative trolls who are about to use this as proof of liberal malfeasance. With their neo-conservative, supply-side economics, conservatives have bankrupted not just this nation, but the American way of life. With their tax-the-poor, enrich-the-rich policies, conservatives have ruined our country. So many conservatives, unable to stop kissing the ass of people far richer than them, advocate enormous taxes for people in their income bracket and no taxes for corporations. They do this…why? Who knows. But they enforce their status quo with lies…as does the media. In the conservative mindset, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney get a pass for having shoveled public money into private corporations in an attempt to destroy the public sector so they can get rich at taxpayer expense. They get a pass for bankrupting the country, which is then blamed on liberals. And whenever a liberal farts, conservatives are there to sniff the air and start screaming that it’s Hiroshima.

This country and the American way of life have been bankrupted by conservatives who oppose ANY form of corporate accountability, ANY move toward fair taxation, and ANY meaningful, non-hollow public sector WHATSOEVER.

Some liberal prick ‘shopped a picture. Don’t equate one irrelevant and stupid lie with a trillion systematic and malicious lies. Conservatives have a lot to answer for, as do, while we’re at it, liberals.

But both sides should be able to get behind opposition to corporatism and greed, the demolition of  America to make way for a a nation built on hegemony for the wealthy. If the worst thing everyone can howl about is some ‘shopped pic of a crowd in New York…well, I can live with that.

But the guilty ‘shopper still needs a spanking.

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