Manish Arora’s Sci-Fi Makeup

A couple days ago I caught a glimpse of Manish Arora‘s incredible sci-fi makeup for MAC Cosmetics at London Fashion Week in a Neatorama post, but there wasn’t much in the link other than a few cool “making of” photos. Happily, now there are tons of creepily sexy pics sifting to the surface of the internets where we can see a h4wt sampling of sex driods from the future, or at least what I hope the ones I’m making in my underground labs will look like when I’m done with them. Hey, I grew up with Yvonne Craig on Star Trek as my role model, and I value my heroines. Respect.
(bizarrely-named link to oodles of amazing photos) London Fashion Week organizers will not ban ultra-thin models (, via JWZ)

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