The Nudes of New York

Gridskipper has a hyooge collection of museums and galleries to visit in New York where one can see all the naked flesh one can handle — in an ostensibly non-sexual context. Which is sometimes hot and sometimes not. Snip:

The human body is a wondrous strange thing. That and narcissism go along way in explaining to totality of Western Art. And though we have no desire to sleep with chubby middle-aged women or old men, it is true, their bodies are fun to look at. They remind us that someday we too will be dribble castles of adiposal tissue, our youth transformed into a wrinkle in time, or rather many many wrinkles. Here in New York, ample chances abound to surreptitiously observe the human form and some of those chances aren’t necessarily pervy. What follows is Gridskipper’s Expert List of where to appreciate the human form divorced (mostly) from its essential sexual function.
After the jump expect live model drawing, Bernini’s sculpture of a supple and very naked Bacchus, and some locker room genitalia.


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