You Mean MacGyver Isn’t Real?

I’ve always known that if I were somehow suddenly caught up in a web of international intrigue and had to single-handedly save a busload of schoolchildren I could defuse any time bomb with a candy wrapper, a length of garden hose, the heel of a stiletto boot and the hastily cannibalized innards of my favorite travel vibrator. Afterward, I’d be given medals, which I would of course, refuse (but I’d accept the lifetime supply of free vibrators). I know this is all true because it always is in the movies, but now Xan Brooks over at the Guardian Unlimited’s blogs has to go and piss in my Cheerios (or actually, in my pool of flameball-ready, bad-guys killing gasoline) and start a post about debunking movie lies — like that a cigarette tossed into gas won’t blow up like in MI3. Tom Cruise will get you, Brooks.
Expose the reel lies (

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