Barbie Bandits Caught!

Unfortunately, the two girls I hoped to recruit for my Techyum femmebot army — now known as the “Barbie Bandits” — have been caught. Sadly, it wasn’t part of some hot Allure magazine crime cult, but instead looks to be an inside job with the help of two male bank employees. Although, for my upcoming all-girl, boy-enslaving, glitter and gadgets crimewave, they have the right names: Ashley and Heather. Reader Sean sends me the latest from The Smoking Gun:

Police tonight arrested two young women, a bank teller, and a fourth accomplice in connection with Tuesday’s robbery of a Bank of America branch in Acworth, Georgia. The inside job was allegedly pulled off by Ashley Nicole Miller and Heather Lyn Johnston who are pictured in the below mug shots (Miller is at left). The women, both 19, were aided by Michael Chastang, 27, and Benny Herman Allen, a 22-year old bank employee. The men are pictured in these booking photos. While the incident first appeared to be a bank robbery, cops now consider it a felony theft and have charged the quartet accordingly.


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