Blackberry 8800: Looks Hot

I’m still suffering with my pathetic, locked-OS, continually crashing Blackberry 8700c for a portable qwerty device, and the person who convinced me to buy it (a really good idea at the time) — my dear friend Scott Beale — has now upgraded to the very sexy looking new Blackberry 8800. And he *loves* it. At a bar last night he was Twittering away and I saw the new gadget — I ripped it from his hands mid-Twitter and said, “What the hell is this!?” It was slick, glossy, thin, looked like black lacquer in the light, and had a delicious solid weight to it that makes the 8700c feel like a cheap piece of plastic, not that this is news. He raved about the functionality, so I decided to mine Gizmodo’s 8800 tags for more info.
Gizmodo on: Blackberry 8800

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