Gonzales Lied

And we are shocked. They really need to change the name of his department. And maybe the name of his position. Or just the name on his desk. I like the Guardian Unlimited’s piece:

White House approved sacking of prosecutors
· Key aide tells senators of Bush team’s involvement
· Attorney general facing growing pressure to quit
Suzanne Goldenberg in Washington
Friday March 30, 2007
The Guardian
The Bush administration yesterday faced charges of trying to subvert the course of justice for political ends after it emerged in Senate testimony that the White House had been directly involved in the sacking of eight federal prosecutors.
The first direct casualty of yesterday’s proceedings in the Senate judiciary committee was the credibility of the attorney general, Alberto Gonzales, after his former chief of staff, Kyle Sampson, demolished earlier claims that he had not been involved in the sackings.
But Mr Sampson’s testimony may have inflicted even greater damage on the White House by exposing the intimate involvement of George Bush’s most trusted advisers – the political supremo, Karl Rove and the president’s former legal counsel Harriet Miers – in the sacking of prosecutors who did not do enough to further a political agenda.
“The decision makers in this case were the attorney general and the counsel to the president,” Mr Sampson told the committee. “I and others made staff recommendations, but they were approved and signed off on by the principals.”

Let’s not forget why they were fired.

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