Iraqis Betrayed: New Yorker Feature

I can’t put this feature down, and I’ve never read anything more riveting about Iraq and the situation the US has wrought than The New Yorker’s Betrayed: The Iraqis who trusted America the most by George Packer. I’m sitting here trying to explain it to tonight’s companions David Fine and Jonathan Moore, so I’m delighted to see that it’s online. It’s long; download it onto a reader for your commute if you can, because it’s totally worth it. One thing I learned — this war has created the fastest-growing refugee crisis in the world right now, and it is virtually hidden. “By the end of 2006, there were almost two million Iraqis living as refugees outside their country — most of them in Syria and Jordan.” Overall, the article details how the way the US has treated its Iraqi interpreters “is a small drama that contains the larger history of defeat.”

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