Kitchenware for Gearheads

Stumbling across the Everything Carz site I immediately thought I should buy a Lady Rodder’s Flame Bracelet for my pal Irina Slutsky who I think is both souped-up and flaming, but then I clicked on their extremely kewl collections of gearhead kitchenware, made from real parts and tools. Pictured above: the Carburetor Salt & Pepper Shaker, Tool Silverware, and Twin-pipe Muffler Stainless Steel S & P Grinder. Alternately, you could race Mr. Hanky home with the very attractive 6-Speed Gear Toilet Plunger — but I actually really liked their selections of bags and purses made entirely from recycled truck and tractor tires (yes, they even have a “Man Purse”).

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