More Qwerty Taunts: Helio’s Ocean

Some of you know that Helio graciously overnighted me a phone when my evil Blackberry went to London with the rest of my luggage, instead of coming home with me after a week in Vienna for Roboexotica. Ungrateful proprietary-software-running beyotch! I really like the sleekness (and weight) of the Drift’s form function, and the signal strength is excellent — plus all the other features are plenty fun — it’s only drawback has been a lagging (slow) OS and no qwerty keyboard, a function I need more than an actual phone. So, I’m really curious about what’s going to be up with Helio’s just-announced first qwerty phone, The Ocean. I spoke with someone who *actually touched* one last week, and he was visibly drooling during his recount of the gadget-fondling experience.
Finally: Helio’s Ocean Smartphone is Here (, thanks Jonathan!)
Update: Aaarggh, Gizmodo has Ocean porn!

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