My Dream Phone: Nokia E90 Communicator

Someone just emailed to ask my opinion on smartphones/handhelds, and I’ve given this topic quite a lot of thought — I can’t live without querty, it’s just a fact, and in my UltraMobileGeek interview I kvetch about the lack of mobile blogging devices (someone think of the children!) I have a Blackberry 8700c and I hate it for ten million reasons; many of my smartfriends have the Nokia E70 and love it. But the phone I’m in lust with isn’t out yet, so I guess as usual I’m in love with an idea, but the Nokia E90 Communicator has me rapt and drooling with zombie-like obsession. Brains! Brains!
Nokia’s E90 communicator (image via,
Nokia E90 (sexy animations, etc.,
Update: Reader and internet friend Vince emails me saying, “I don’t know if you read this yet, but it looks like the e90 might, or might not be actually 3G… ” Link: Nokia E90 with American 3G? Not looking good (

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