Set of Star Trek Voyager Recreated in London Flat

This totally means that all systems are go for me to get make my kitchen into the Galactica command deck, um, not that I was waiting for anything to make my Starbuck and Apollo sandwiches… At Gizmodo, Charlie White wrongfully assumes the Trekkie owner will never “get laid” with such smokin’ sci-fi babe bait, but also writes:

Not only is it spot-on realistic, it’s packed with tech and gadgets such as voice-activated LED lighting throughout, hi-tech HVAC systems and authentic sound effects. He even has plans to install Star Trek-style sliding doors. But what, is this guy a set designer or something? Well, he is now. He’s started his own renovation biz, 24th Century Design, doing projects like this for clients. Amazing. See how he did it in this well-written article.

Link to Gizmodo post (image via); link to Apartment Transformed into Star Trek Shrine (

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