Virgin America Is Go!

When I flew to Vienna last year I went on Virgin Atlantic; on my trip two days ago to LA the people covering my expenses put me on a Southwest flight — the difference is beyond night and day. I’m never, ever flying on a filthy Southwest plane again, or enduring their atrocious customer service, or the cattle-call of open seating. Going through security is dehumanizing enough! Conversely, when I flew Virgin I watched what might have been the best horror film of 2006 — Severance. So now I’m delighted and excited that when I have to fly domestically (and from SFO), Virgin might become an option for me — now it looks like Virgin America has received tentative permission to fly. Yay! It also looks like Virgin Galactic is partnering with NASA — hopefully the first launches will also be at SFO, because Oakland airport smells like ass and no one wants *that* to be their last whiff of Earth. (via Gizmodo)

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