Xbox Live Hacked, Accounts Stolen

As more and more of our lives are digital, more and more of our lives are hackable. Kotaku’s waiting for commentary from Microsoft, and is following the story broken by ZDnet. Users are claiming the hackers are getting credit card access through their Windows Live ID’s and — surprise — it’s being said that that Microsoft’s support staff have been “unhelpful”. Snip:

Several Xbox Live users contacted me to confirm the rumors and make it clear that the stolen accounts are being used for nefarious purposes.
One reader writes:
“I have been involved with Microsoft Support for days on this exact issue and have spent many hours on the phone trying to prove to them that, first, my Windows Live ID was stolen and, second, the ID and password associated with my ID were changed; two actions that Microsoft swears can NEVER happen; and third that the thief was able then use my credit card information associated with one of my Windows Live ID accounts to purchase over $800 of Microsoft products.


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