A Serial Killer in the Comments?

Thomas sends me this gem from Australia’s News.com.au, where in one of their blogs, it seems someone has been leaving comments with *a lot* of information about the 1994 Claremont killings. The commenter’s screen name is “Dr. Phibes” though I find it odd that none of the writing about this connects the name with the character played by Vincent Price in the 1971 film, The Abominable Dr. Phibes. Snip:

The serial killer behind the 1994 Claremont murders may be leaving clues to his identity in a series of comments on Australia’s leading crime blog which show an unusually detailed knowledge of the case.
The latest comment was today.
The man, who calls himself “Dr Phibes”, started contributing detailed knowledge about the killings after journalist Gary Hughes started writing about the murders in his blog Gotcha in October last year.
Hughes said Dr Phibes had continued writing to Gotcha for the past eight months. He now calls himself Dr Phibes of The Valley and Dr Phibes of Herne Hill. Hughes confirmed that he was the original Dr Phibes by checking the email address he used to comment on the first Claremont blog.


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