Lisa Bufano’s Body Hacks: A Second Look

A few days back, Gizmodo blogged a really amazing performance art dance video by the sublimely talented Lisa Bufano (home), whose sequences are dark, moody, beautiful and all choreographed to express her super-human physical movements through use of prosthetics — she’s a multiple amputee. The Gizmodo comments were disappointing and cruel, and combined with the well-meaning but brief post, did a disservice to what she’s communicating through her art. And the conversation it provokes. Especially in pieces like Four Legs Good. Here, like Oscar Pistorius, less limbs lead to superior abilities. Bufano has recently relocated to Oakland, so I hope to catch one of her performances in person soon. And — she’s heartbreakingly Gothy sexy. Four Legs Good is embedded after the jump, but see her vlog page for more, higher quality videos.

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