20 Strangest Experiments in Science

The Museum of Hoaxes recently posted a list of the 20 strangest experiments in science. It makes for a fascinating and incredibly disturbing tour through the bizarre byways of inquiry. Don’t read it immediately before or after visiting Cute Overload.
On the list, there are a lot of well-known examples of scientific malfeasance and experiments-gone-wrong, like the Stanford Prison Experiment and the Milgram Experiment — the latter helpfully featuring a link to YouTube clips for your torturelicious entertainment. But there’s also a freaky dose of lesser-known science fun, like the Russian case of surgically created two-headed dogs, the monkey head transplant, recording the death heartbeat of a man as he was executed by firing squad, and the mating of male turkeys with progressively dismembered female turkeys.
If you’ve ever wondered whether one really can create a two-headed dog, this is essential reading.
Image: Milgram Experiment diagram, from Wikipedia.

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