Vintage “Violet Blue” .38 Special Revolver

This is *such* a vanity post. It’s not a cheap piece, and I’m not a revolver fan — but I do love my Ladysmith .45, oh yes indeed. So I’m really tickled to see this come up in my Google vanity alert ping — which is usually about flowers and gardening and lasers. Snip for exciting significance:

Vintage Taurus 80 Pencil Barrel 4” Violet Blue .38 Spl Near Mint
Our distinguished shoppers already, we are sure, recognize that Taurus Revolvers are quality, respectable copies of their Smith & Wesson originals. But why, one might ask, even bother to photograph and list something so mundane as a 4 inch Taurus .38 Special? Note the rough fluting in the cylinder. And, if our fluorescent light bulbs have allowed it to show, the purplish hue to the cylinder and – more conspicuous – the barrel.
This is one of the older Tauruses that hit port in Miami some time in the 1970s when International Distributors handled the shipments. This one until very recently had not even crossed the Florida State Line into Alabama: our customer we bought it from is a military retiree who lived in Ft. Walton Beach until this year, when he opted for the idyllic environs of rural Chester County. And it is pristine, 98 percent by our estimate. If no one considers Tauruses and Rossis to be collectable, just find us some of the nickel Rossi Ladysmith copies in their original velvet-lined boxes and call us.


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