We Found A Whola Lotta… Nothing!

I guess out there in space there are some really big, er, spaces. But it’s interesting that there are some that really are comprised of nothing (that we can grok, anyway, with all out limited senses and tech). Mind the gap. Snip:

Astronomers have found an enormous void in space that measures nearly a billion light-years across.
It is empty of both normal matter – such as galaxies and stars – and the mysterious “dark matter” that cannot be seen directly with telescopes.
The “hole” is located in the direction of the Eridanus constellation and has been identified in data from a survey of the sky made at radio wavelengths.
The discovery will be reported in a paper in the Astrophysical Journal.
Previous sky surveys that have traced the large-scale structure of the nearby Universe have long shown, for example, how the clustering of galaxies is strung into vast filaments and sheets that are separated by great gaps.
But the void discovered by a University of Minnesota team is about 1,000 times the volume of what would be expected in typical cosmic gaps.


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