Morgellons: Emerging Disease or Nanofiber Assault by Doctor X?

Tim R. Swartz at The Paranormal Report writes on a reportedly emerging disease known as Morgellons Syndrome, in his article “Morgellons – New Disease, or Man-Made Weapon of Terror?”
Named after a (probably unrelated) disorder described by a 17th-century doctor named Thomas Browne, the syndrome has been described by the Centers for Disease Control, which says helpfully: “The cause of this condition is unknown, and the medical community has insufficient information to determine whether persons who identify themselves as having this condition have a common cause for their symptoms or share common risk factors.”
Morgellons syndrome also appears in Wikipedia, but much more exciting is the account given by Swartz:

The victims feel as if bugs are crawling under their skin. Their doctors treat them as if they are insane. It is called Morgellons, the fiber disease, a mysterious skin disease that is currently spreading across the globe.
Those with this disease describe feelings of insects scurrying beneath their skin and have mysterious sores that ooze out blue and white fibers, some as thick as spaghetti strands. Attempts to remove the fibers are said to produce shooting pains radiating from the site.
To date, no clinical studies have looked into Morgellons. The first paper mentioning Morgellons was published in a recent issue of the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology, co-authored by members of the Morgellons Research Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to raising public awareness about the disease.

Swartz’s article refers to Dr. Hidelgarde Staninger, who presented some, um, “interesting” findings at the National Registry of Environmental Professionals meeting in Nashville, Tennessee in October 2006. (Read more at Dr. Staninger’s completely impenetrable LiveJournal, — two signs of a professional medical researcher are blogging on LiveJournal and having a wacky nickname.)
But wait! Things get even more exciting when Swartz goes fully sci-fi on our ass:

There is now strong data indicating that this disorder is associated with nanotechnology, specifically nanomachines in the form of nanofibers. The National Science Foundation (NSF) defines nanofibers as having at least one dimension of 100 nanometer (nm) or less.Fiber samples, taken from the skin of a Morgellons sufferer, when exposed to heat, did not burn until it has been heated to 1700 degrees F.

Are we facing an invasion by machine intelligence, or is this a twisted attempt by some unknown group or government to achieve the ultimate control of humankind? Considering the current world situation, it would not be unreasonable to imagine that someone could stoop to such evil as releasing something such as Morgellons upon an unsuspecting planet.

Image via Wikimedia.

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