The Internet’s Black Holes

Strange Maps reproduced the above map commissioned by Reporters Without Borders, via Ads of the World.
The map purports to represent nations where Internet freedom is restricted, but the debate at Strange Maps and on Ads of the World is, um, lively, to say the least, with many of the posters commenting things like “Rubbish!” and “Rubbish, agreed.” One poster wanted to know why Germany wasn’t on the list, and another pointed out that it was ridiculous to assert that Iraq has free speech on the internet, when “only Westerners have it.”
Perhaps more to the point, a commenter on Strange Maps pointed out helpfully: “Didn’t know there was so much fiber in remote Siberia and the depths of the Indian Ocean, more than in urban Chicago. What? You say the green lines are meaningless? Ah, I see.”
Reporters Without Borders, a French organization, also publishes a map of press freedom, which is interesting as background on the issue.
Image from Ads of the World via Strange Maps.

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