Get The 20/20 411 On Graphic Design

It’s a sign of… the Times New Roman? Watch John Stossel 20/20 – graphic design to see a fantastic clip of “MSM” covering graphic design (via dekorte). An astounding 43 seconds are devoted to one of mankind’s single greatest contributions to the world, leading with a rule to live by we can all agree on: “Never use this font.” (Comic Sans)
Also must be watched with — if you’re a total typeface geek — the shoot-half-caf-white-mocha-latte-out-your-nose video, ORIGINAL DESIGN GANGSTA.
Both are embedded after the jump for your overfed, lazy mice.
Update from phont phreak Evil Signtist: don’t miss ODG’s Cafe Press shop, where I might have to get myself a ‘hellavetica’ wifebeater tee!

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