Googly Eyes for Satan

Actress, party hostess and general freak Amy Sedaris hosted a contest months and months ago to augment food with googly eyes and kinda “give it personality.” Personally, I’m not at all sure that I want my food to have personality — much less so after viewing the 313 entries in the Flickr Photo Pool, which seems to have escaped my attention until a recent post on Cute Overload wedged between a hedgehog with a lime green arm cast and an exhortation for your pet to join the WGA strike by giving up piano.
My favorite googly-eye entry, shown here, is Rogue Taxidermy’s Cinnamon Bun Satanic Goat Head, which prompted such user comments as “Sweetanic – selling your soul never tasted so good” (this from somebody named “Ham Gravy“)and “I keep telling people how awesome this is. i can’t stop thinking about it. did you eat it? where is it now?” Taxy’s answer? “I planned on eating this, but my roomate accidentally stepped on it (in his socks) so i didn’t.” Satan feels your pain.
Incidentally, the same artist’s beef tartare head is even more disturbing than the buns for Satan, but then I didn’t see the goat head post-squooshing.
Oh hey, while you’re over at Flickr, why not ask them if Satan’s violated their TOS lately? Yeah, that’s what I thought.
Link: Amy Sedaris Crafts Challenge @ WNYC; Flickr pool.
Image via Rogue Taxidermy.

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