Shark With Webbed Feet Caught in Malaysia

From Underwater Times via Ugly Overload comes this image of a Malaysian woman holding up a shark she caught for dinner. She and her family decided not to eat it when they realized that it had feet.

Says the Ug:

‘They agreed that she should return the shark, since, according to Chinese belief, it is bad luck to eat fish with any’ unusual characteristics. She returned it to the fisherman who had caught it, who then promptly returned to the sea.’

…’The article doesn’t say if the shark survived this ordeal. I assume not. But I want to know if Malaysia can expect any more legged fish in its waters. Also, why give up the chance to be the first human to dine on shark legs? I imagine they’d be tasty if rolled in batter, fried, and slathered with sauce.’

For shame, Ug. Catching and eating crytozoological specimens would have been so very Russian of them, which I’d be fine with if it were also delicious, but I’m not a fan of seafood.

One last gem from The Ug: ‘I’m no ichthyologist, but don’t male sharks have pronged genitals in the same region as these ‘feet’?’

Dude, I don’t even want to know.

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