Hot Babes of the Periodic Table

Pictured: Chromium (Cr) is a Dancer.

Remembering 118 different elements now looks like trying to keep track of 118 sexy manga girlfriends, although that wasn’t the original intent behind the Japanese chemistry textbook “The Periodic Table: Learning Basic Chemistry through Moe.” The idea for making the periodic table more babe-a-licious came from female chemistry teacher at Tokyo’s Musashi Institute of Technology, Miyuki Mitsuda. InventorSpot tells us:

“Moe” is a Japanese term that describes the feminization of inanimate objects. Most commonly used in video games, anime and manga, applying so-called “moe anthropomorphism” makes most anything cute, girlish, sexy or all of the above. Even a topic as dry and factual as the Periodic Table of the Elements (…read more,

More images of the book can be seen at Akiba Blog (all images via).

Pictured: Sodium (Na) is Baking Bread.

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