Will Trade Soul for Hello Kitty Flip Mino HD



Dear [Deity],
I know I’ve never prayed (except that one time when I was nine). I’ve never worshiped, I’ve sure done a lot of sinning, have no plans to stop anytime soon, and actively seek rules, laws and taboos to lap-dance until broken in the most unwholesome of ways. Especially with tech toys.
But things are different now. Or, depending on the deity that answers this call for HD salvation, things can get a lot more… efficient. And adorable.
Flip now has a full line of Hello Kitty branded Flip Mino ($179.99) and MinoHD ($179.99) cameras — four full pages of kewt cameras that make a girl just want to do about anything to get her hands on one. They’ve got pretty much every character in a variety of designs, and the stars of the Goth Hello Kitty scene: Hello Kitty baroque LUXE, Bad Batz Maru, Chococat and Kuromi Evil Giggle. If there ever was a reason to have the big bad want for a Flip, this is really doing it for me.
With techlusty head bowed in Hello Kitty Flip Mino HD reverence,
(thanks, Sean!)

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