Mayhem And Chaos In Snow Globes


This may not be a popular art show proposal for Londoners right now; at least the artworks are on their way to the US for a nationwide tour (at select galleries). Found via Make blog, the gloomy and endlessly fascinating snow globe series “Travelers” by artists Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz.


Click through and take your time with all their pieces, or enjoy the fantastic post with several carefully selected photos by Alice on My Modern Metropolis. Alice eloquently tells us,

What you once thought was playful and innocent is actually a world of chaos; lone wanderers survey the frigid landscape, people and creatures exhibit unnatural tendencies and ill-defined crimes are committed. These imaginary worlds and events will shock you into believing that this world is more cold than we think; where every man is out for himself.
Like fairy tales or dreams, the tiny tableaus work as psychological metaphors: specifically, a stage everyone is bound to enter when life has lost its warmth and promise, at which point finding a new way becomes desperately urgent. (…read more,

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