Kanye West Tweets / New Yorker Comics Caption Contest

Every time someone poops out an item about a celebritard joining Twitter, we all die a little inside — especially when they then tweet in all-caps, or troll their followers for stuff (especially validation of their fragile, fragile egos). Case in point with Kanye West, who discovered that Hollywood celebs can easily troll for even more attention by doing social media publicity stunts. While this passed like another short storm of mediocrity through the neighborhood, something unexpectedly intelligent and funny came out of it: Twitter user @JoshACagan has been remixing n00b Kanye’s tweets with cartoons from The New Yorker and the results are pure pleasure.

See the whole collection here (twitpic.com, via The New Yorker’s Tumblr, newyorker.tumblr.com)

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