Visit to Glenn Research Center by “Author of a Book”

Sometimes you run across stuff online, and you think to yourself, “Really? This is just sitting there for me to find it?” I don’t mean the meanstream media, though I often do have that experience of it. I mean stuff like the NASA image gallery, which is packed with the most amazing public domain images around, proof that our federal tax dollars aren’t just going to pay for lavish Illuminati bank executive parties on 747s and which, if you dig deep enough, hides some very strange stuff.

Take, for instance, this series of photos in the NASA image gallery that’s been cryptically captioned “Visit to Glenn Research Center by Author of a Book,” which made me assume we were talking about some fringe alien theorist or an obscure science fiction author who has a friend in the PR department–

–not so. The question in my mind is not so much “Why is former NASA engineer Homer Hickam too cool to hang out with any of the white people at NASA?” as it is “How many books get written about rocketry that the people hired to do the captions at NASA don’t recognize this guy?”

The former question, I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation for; the latter would be less troubling if in that last photo, Hickam wasn’t actually holding a copy of his #1 New York Times best-selling memoir Rocket Boys, on which the biographical film October Sky was based.

That look on his face says it all: “None of these people have the slightest idea who I am.” Been there, Homer. Been there indeed.

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