Watching Paint Dry

Apparently trying to prove that scientists are as fascinating as World War II veterans taking some time off from being obsessed with Hitler, researchers at Yale University decided to watching some paint dry.

To put it more accurately, in this week’s Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, according to Science Codex, “the team presents a new way to image and analyze the mechanical stress that causes colloidal coatings—those in which microscopic particles of one substance are dispersed throughout another—to peel off of surfaces,” which I’m sure makes the coatings industry jump for joy.

But seriously, folks. Let’s not make light of the important science of paint drying. While I guarantee you that folks watching the History Channel documentary on paint are thinking about bridges and aircraft carriers, paint can also be a force for evil, right?

Image from Wikipedia.

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  1. When I saw you did a post on watching paint dry, I was certain you went to an “innovation in mainstream journalism” conference. My bad!

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