Puerto Rican UFO is an Advertising Platform

While I was immersed in the laugh-a-minute world of Argentinean chupacabra attacks, I was reminded of the brief kerfuffle this past week in the UFO community when a UFO was reported over San Juan, Puerto Rico. The sightings led to frantic posts on social networks, calls to newspapers and police, and murky YouTube videos, one of which appears above.

As it turned out, the object was helicopter toting an advertising platform. The company that operated the helicopter is Silver Wings Sky Media, has a shady URL, silverwingspr.com, that resolves to the infinitely shadier-looking It’s a “general aviation center,” providing sightseeing flights and flight training as well as sky-based advertising. Their site proclaims:

If you are seeking an escape, wish to enjoy a unique hobby or are pursuing a professional career, Silver Wings is your answer. Our mission is to provide the uppermost quality aviation services while helping our pilots reach their goals in the aviation community.

Let the journey begin!

Unfortunately, most of the internal links seem to be broken. They have a promotional video on YouTube that is way creepier than any UFO footage I have ever seen:

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