ZomBcon Slays the Latte Zombies

Kids!! Learn important skills for the job market of tomorrow at ZomBcon!

Up in the land of the rain-soaked latte zombies they’re contending with the real kind. I’m referring, of course, to ZomBcon, an orgy of zombified weirdness sure to satisfy even the most survival-minded horror fan that continues through tomorrow. Events at this one-stop-shop for rotting corpses with bad attitudes don’t just include your garden-variety “meet the B-movie actor” sign-and-shakes with the likes of George Romero, Bruce Campbell and World War Z‘s Max Brooks and discussions about whether chainsaws or flame throwers are preferable. No, that kind of crap may work for the drawing-room crowd; it may play in Edinburgh or Cincinnati, but these Northwest cats are multi-media — and the media are your BRAINZ. There’s a “Zombie Mass Renewal of Vows” for loving couples seeking to put some life back in their marriage. There’s “Zombie Cage Fighting,” hosted by UFC. There was even a zombie prom last night, and where else could you celebrate Hello Kitty’s 50th birthday?

The answer, of course, is none. None more else. That is to say, none more else but ZomBcon.

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