Dubya’s Memoir May Migrate to the True Crime Section

In the wake of reports that George W. Bush high-fives himself nightly over his “damn right” order to waterboard, gave the order to shoot down airliners on 9/11/01, and is now BFFs with Kanye West (who apparently now “knows what it’s like to be called a racist”), and has lousy taste in book covers, a Facebook group has started importuning people to “Be part of a literary movement. Literally.”

Its goal? To get people to take “”non-violent direct action” and move Bush’s memoir to the True Crime section.

Its model? the Facebook Group started by nursing student Euan Booth that asked people to move British Prime Minister and fellow war-of-aggression-launcher Tony Blair’s memoir A Journey to the True Crime or Fantasy sections of bookstores when it was published in September of this year. (Every bookstore I’ve ever been in has a “science fiction AND fantasy” section, but never mind about that).

Whether an army of mildly left-of-center street activists who apparently can’t be bothered to turn out for midterm elections — but think it’s laugh-a-minute iconoclasm to do things they’re not “supposed” to — will somehow mobilize to prank the $8-an-hour bookstore employees who will have to move that shit back into the Shit section…only time will tell.

But as to whether the mainstream press will thoroughly ignore it while trumpeting the Republican victory earlier this week and giving W a pulpit on which to cheer the use of torture, not to mention his faith in Christ and in enormous tax cuts for the mega-rich, by way of launching the coming 2012 War on Obama?

That, I’m counting on.

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