Yahoo Shutting Down Delicious, Merging Upcoming, etc. etc. etc. etc.

Tipped off by a leaked slide from a product team meeting, TechCrunch reported that Yahoo’s layoffs of more than 500 employees  announced earlier this week aren’t the end of the carnage.

Also in the works at the big Y! is the “sunset” of Delicious, Altavista, MyBlogLog, Yahoo! Bookmarks, and Yahoo! Picks, and the “merge” of Upcoming, FoxyTunes, Sideline, FireEagle, Yahoo Events and Yahoo People Search. What they’re being merged into isn’t really clear. TechCrunch’s original post was followed by Yahoo’s response confirming the sunsets/merges/shutdowns.

Of course, the situation was considered ripe for humor by some, as seen in the above tweet from FakeCarolBartz, the Twitter account satirizing the Yahoo CEO. (The “fake this” and “fake that” Twitter account thing is a Tweme, in case you missed it. A Tweme is a Twitter Meme. A Meme is a…oh, Google it.)

After being erroneously reported as having leaked the image (which he did not — he just tweeted about it AFTER the fact like dozens or hundreds of others), Upcoming founder (and my former coworker at Andy Baio linked to a more extensive article on about just how the image showed up, which is kind of  a saucy and scandalous story, in that disturbingly corporate way that only Silicon Valley scandals can be.

But Andy’s more exciting tweet concerned the changes over at It involves…well, just see for yourself, k?

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