Boardwalk Empire’s Astounding Digital Effects (Brainstorm Digital)

If you’ve gotten hopelessly hooked on Boardwalk Empire the way that I have, you’re going to love the video that special effects company Brainstorm Digital recently uploaded to their Vimeo channel. I had heard that the effects were unbelievable (you really can’t see any fakery when you watch the show), but I had no idea just how genius – and flawless – they really are.

It’s a nice thing to help with the Boardwalk Empire withdrawals, which I’m already experiencing as the show has finished its first season. Up there with Mad Men and True Blood, it is one of the only currently running TV shows (HBO) that I go out of my way to watch; it reminds me of Deadwood. It’s that incredible. In short, it’s a white-knuckle crime drama series set during America’s prohibition era, chock full of gangsters, a glorious range of female characters, and compellingly flawed anti-heroes. The acting is faultless, the violence and sex are unapologetic. The writing is off the hook, its dialogue is utter genius. It’s hard to watch Boardwalk Empire and not want to be in it, while at the same time feeling like you’re glad you didn’t have to live during that time.

That said, HBO really needs to do online streaming. I’d gladly pay to watch this show online.

(Brainstorm Digital is also on Twitter.)

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