Canine CPR Dummies

Did you know you can give CPR to a dog? Well you can; in fact, sometimes it’s a sound business decision. An article on AOL News about the practice of canine CPR points out that a good police dog costs $35,000, which means the $200 to $900 price tag of this training aid is a bargain if your pricey cop dog — or, for that matter, your best friend — ever experiences cardiac arrest.

Says the article:

“They’re an odd tool, but they’re a necessary tool,” said Harrison Forbes, dog trainer and host of “Pet Talk,” a nationally syndicated radio show. “You can’t ask your dog to lay there so you can mimic practice.”

Forbes, who practiced CPR on a canine manikin at a dinner party a few years ago, described those first few moments watching someone perform mouth-to-snout as awkward. After initial titters, however, the dinner guests realized that the simulator could one day be their dog.

For Forbes, the oddest moment came at the beginning of the demonstration, when the instructor arrived with her manikin.

“She had the dog in a duffel bag,” he recalled, “and when she whipped him out of the bag and flopped him down on the table, heads turned.”


Competing CPR dogs cost almost $800, but you can pick up CasPeR the friendly CPR Dog for $232 at Why not pick up an ALS Trauma Head and a few Choking Manikins while you’re at it? Why should your dead “dog” be the only ghoulish friend that gets to ride around in your duffel bag?

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