Leaked Footage of the Nintendo 3DS

Remember that new Nintendo gadget custom-built to ruin your kid’s eyesight? Early this morning, the Nintendo3DS Blog posted  video footage of one of them that a Chinese worker smuggled off the assembly line. The worker apparently posted photos and the video to an unspecified online forum, which then deleted the thread.

But by then, the cross-eyed cat was out of the bag, and the photos are goin’ everywhere, including Wired. Nintendo3DSBlog.com says it’s probably this forum, but my Chinese is a little rusty, so who knows?

Incendentally, an article from Tech Radar back in March explains the “lenticular technology” used to generate the illusory 3D image. It’s a video rendition of the same lenticular printing technology used to produce ultra-cool trading card, 3D lunch boxes, and Def Leppard album covers.

It’s pretty easy to get quotes on this stuff when it comes to print; my understanding is that most large printers can arrange to do it for a print job (though they’ll almost certainly contract it out). The innovation Nintendo’s bringing is using the two screens to generate such an image in a video game context.

I feel cross-eyed already!

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