Hulk Smash, In Endless Variation

A while back, Gabriel Gadfly posted a great rundown of some of the various Hulks on Twitter. In case you don’t know, Hulk This and Hulk That is one of the memes on Twitter, like Phweeting. Whether or not you groove on Fake Abe Vigoda, if you’re a Tweeter then like the rest of us you likely can’t help but find very occasional amusement in such delights as Feminist Hulk, Hipster Hulk,EnviroHulk, Jesus Hulk, Bookstore Hulk, Editor Hulk, Karaoke Hulk, and the notoriously impolite Canadian Hulk.

Do we care that the quality of their satire is hugely mixed? Nah. Does it matter that they occasionally seem to be unclear on the boundary between LOLspeak and Hulkspeak? Um…yeah, kinda, but HULK TRY. THAT WHAT MATTER. It good fun, and when it comes to Twitter, the more SMASH the better.

Anyway, here’s Gabriel Gadfly’s Twitter Hulk Rundown, which makes smashy enough reading that it threatens to create its own Twitterhole. For extra fun, read the comments to note how the mere mention of Hulk leads people to start talking like the Hulk. I’m not sure if that’s awesome or creepy. Maybe a little of both. But can Hulk blame them? See? Now Hulk is doing it. HULK PRETTY SURE THAT CREEPY, NOT AWESOME, BUT HULK GRATIFIED THAT HULK NOT ONLY ONE.

What’s even smashier fun is that late last month, compiled a list of 100 Hulk accounts. Go forth and SMASH.

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