Online Guitar Lesson Goes to 11

Remember that World’s Largest Online Guitar Lesson thing that Boston-based Berklee College of Music is doing with Lord of the Chin Beard Steve Vai?

Well, according to, it just got another dose of musical mojo in the form of moonlighting British Baron Nigel Tufnel, whose spirited attempt to play “Lick my Love Pump” on the floor of Parliament may have been responsible for House of Lords Act of 1999 that stripped The Rt. Honorable Christopher Haden-Guest of his seat in the House of Lords by limiting its members to just 102 hereditary seats. Pwned!!!!

Tufnel, robbed of gainful employment by the British government, has now been reduced to shilling Vai’s online guitar class, about which he says:

He’s a great guitar player…speedy, you know, all that…lanky sort of dude…there’s a fan that blows his hair…if I have a criticism of Steve Vai…he knows too much, and it’s a bit annoying, you know?


Still, Nigel shows the sort of aplomb that can only come from the man who once played in a band with Rufus Wainwright’s dad. Vai’s 30-minute online lesson is at 1:30pm Eastern Time on Saturday, March 3 at

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