The Nietzche Family Circus

Do you crave that special combination of glurgy weirdness and comforting predictability that only the Family Circus can provide? But do you worry about the permanent injury on your IQ inflicted by every viewing of that classic cartoon?

Why not inoculate yourself against Family Circus-induced brain damage by pairing that candy-apple morning-paper nightmare with the kind of bewildering yet possibly profound statements of German philosophy that probably sound so familiar to you because you think maybe you’ve heard Bruce Willis spilling them in interviews? Why not get the irresistible cuteness of Family Circus while chuckling at bold pronouncements about human experience and howling merrily, “Too true!”

Why not? Head on over to The Nietzche Family Circus, and that’s exactly what you’ll get: “The Nietzsche Family Circus pairs a randomized Family Circus cartoon with a randomized Friedrich Nietzsche quote.” What easier way could there be to sort of learn philosophy while mining random chance for juicy sig quotes sure to win you status among your friends who have heard that Nietzche is cool?

But the best thing about The Nietzche Family Circus is this: hit “Refresh” 100 times and you’ll not only be way, way smarter; you’ll be just a little more German. Gesundheit!

This is not, of course, the first time the smarmy mopes of Family Circus have been abused. Back in ’99, web developer Greg Galcik shut down The Dysfunctional Family Circus, a more broadly-themed orgy of satanic rituals and cannibalism, after a 90-minute phone call from Family Circus creator Bil Keane.

But surely Keane (now 88) would be able to see that in this case his images are being used for niceness, instead of evil, right? Right?

[Via Susie Bright.]

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