IAEA: No Reports of Radiation Sickness, Despite News Reports

From Al Jazeera's liveblogging coverage.

The International Atomic Energy Agency says on its front page that several news reports have claimed it as a source in reporting people in Japan ill from radiation sickness.

With only a cursory check, I can’t find any, though I found some “news reports” on forums, but nothing from a credible news source. However, the Google teasers for some articles have been referencing Chernobyl as an event that resulted in 31 people ill from radiation sickness. That means someone Googling “people with radiation sickness japan” might get a fragment that looks like it indicates there’s radiation sickness reported in Japan — if they don’t click the link.

Regardless, IAEA clarifies that it has received NO reports of radiation sickness in Japan.

Here’s what they say in an update shortly after noon GMT today:

Contrary to several news reports, the IAEA to date has NOT received any notification from the Japanese authorities of people sickened by radiation contamination.

In the report of 17 March 01:15 UTC, the cases described were of people who were reported to have had radioactive contamination detected on them when they were monitored.


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