Short Film Fest Delivers 90-Second Zombie Horror Masterpiece

If you had told me that an awesome mini-zombie film could be – er – executed in under a minute and a half, I would have simply thought the zombie hantavirus had turned your brain into zomberrific mush. Then I watched Charlie Bit My Finger – The Horror, made as a promo for the (Toronto) CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival and it pretty much changed my life.

Charlie Bit My Finger – The Horror (official website) is a re-make of classic viral video ‘Charlie Bit My Finger‘ in a horror film style. On the website, you’ll see they also made alternate versions of ‘Charlie’ in both a musical style and a ‘dark comedy’ style. Moar, plz!

If the rest of the fest is this good… I want to go! It’s at the end of this month: May 31- June 5, 2011, in downtown Toronto with specially-themed 90-minute programs, with each program offering from 5-22 films – all for $10 a ticket.

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