Cooking With Power Tools, and Then Some

It’s no secret that I work at SRL and now and again we’re prone to roast an unsuspecting tofu dog with a V-1 rocket engine because we’re, like, totally scientifically curious to see the results (and hungry for a really well-done hunk ‘o tofu). Around Techyum Central, I’m more likely to enslave the nearest blogprentice into heating up my sake with the newest 3rd-degree burn inducing laptop battery, or learning the hard way how to frost the perfect cupcake top with nothing more than a crude Nano and the desire to please me or else. But over at mental_floss, they’ve got a whole ‘nuther game cookin’ — Cooking With Tools (a roundup), to be precise. At least one is a hoax, but all are entertaining. (thanks, P)

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