The Culture Jamming Gift Guide: MAKE’s Stocking Stuffers for Disruptors

Image via the must-ogle Culture Jamming Gift Guide and Flickr user smashtheqube.

I may be rilly biased because pt and I are extremely close friends, but one look at The Culture Jamming Gift Guide at MAKE blog – hack, stick, throw, jam and inspire! and the deal is sealed. You need no more than this and the amazing dorktastic Ars Guide to geek out forever in your mad scientist fortress of doom. Plus, tips on building that death ray while cat camming the nooks and crannies of your underground secret laboratory via that fluffy white cat, you know, the one you have to pet menacingly when the annoying pseudo-hero tries to put you on their overhyped vlogshow yet again. Cue the LED-throwie lined alligator pit.

* I am extremely proud to brag that I have this (from the MAKE Jamming Guide) in my purse at all times.

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