Tokyo’s Most Awesomely Strangest Theme Reastaurants

The Vampire Cafe.

Yes, it’s another list, and leaves much to be desired in the way of detail, but it’s way too fun not to show you. Yesterday the Guardian UK quickly posted then buried the great list, Tokyo’s theme restaurants based on the just-released Michelin list of quirkiest restaurants. Personally, I’d rearrange the list with the Vampire Cafe at the top — complete with coffin dining, bloody cocktails and full-on Dracula’s lair detail. Next being the prison restaurant which is nearly a experience — but weirder. At Alcatraz ER Restaurant (which I managed to find this mini-gallery, OMG the atmosphere!), because of my unique obsessiveness gifts, you get a choice of seemingly nonconsensual dining tortures. Guardian writes,
The setting is a “medical prison”. You are the patient. The waitresses are dressed as the type of nurses that exist only in Benny Hill re-runs. They handcuff you, pretend to inject a giant needle into your rear, and then lock you in a cell. There, you can order such dishes as Dead Chicken (in which two chicken feet are clasped together in peaceful repose), Penis Sausage (in which a sausage is carved to resemble a severed penis) and Intestine (another sausage, and sort of odd considering that you can order actual intestine in any of Tokyo’s zillion yakitori restaurants). Try the cocktails: the false teeth in a jar has particular bite. Occasionally, the staff will “accidentally” open your cell door and it’s your mission to go screaming around the restaurant in a wheelchair evading the outstretched hands of other prisoners. (… read more,

See also: Alcatraz ER images on Flickr; a few Vampire Cafe images are also on Flickr.

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