Barbie Bandits Were Already On Road to Hell, Says Father

In just the kind of wonderfully, tawdry treatment of sex and women we’ve come to love from outlets like MSNBC/Newsweek, there’s a wonderfully sensationalist treatment now online interviewing the hands-wringing, deeply-caring-in-a-do-I-get-an-agent-now kind of way father (and uncle) of one of the girls, telling us that the Barbies were strippers and like on drugs and stuff. The article hits every daytime-TV cliche on the head, detailing how the girls were manipulated by ‘bad men’ and moved to an all-black neighborhood before their crime. At the end, MSNBC concludes the piece with — and I shit you not — the parents appealing to the lord for their little girl who lost her way. Oh jeebus, that’s some junk food journalism. Love it!
But I’m following the story nonetheless — my favorite from the piece is this snip:

They were wearing chic sunglasses, snug jeans and short tops that exposed their midriffs, says Davis. “They looked like they were wearing designer head to toe and they’d coordinated outfits.” Only after the pair fled with what authorities say is a “substantial amount” of money did Davis learn that the girls had robbed the bank.
Miller and Johnston apparently did a dismal job of laying low. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, they went on a buying binge the next day, shopping at Gucci and getting their hair done at a posh salon.

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