Lassie Saves Family From Fire, Dies

No — really. Snip from the AP story:

A collie named Lassie roused her owners and enabled them to escape their burning home but died in the fire, relatives said. “The dog saved their life,” said Judi Thompson after her parents’ home burned Wednesday morning. “Even the firemen said that. Isn’t that amazing? It gives me goose bumps.”
Thompson said her parents, Robert and Elsie Whitson, were asleep in their bedroom at the rear of their home in the city about 30 miles northeast of Indianapolis when the fire broke out. The dog, which slept at the foot of the couple’s bed, licked and nibbled at their hands until 81-year-old Robert awoke and the couple went outside, she said.
Anderson Fire Department Battalion Chief Larry Towne said firefighters found the dog’s remains underneath some collapsed roofing.

Also: The Herald Bulletin has the original story plus photos.

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