When Your Charm Bracelet is Really “The Bomb”

Charmed, I’m sure — I love charm bracelets and sexy little shiny pendants as much as the next girl, but I prefer mine to have an edge — and when I found the lethal-looking bling on offer over at PNUT Jewelry, I knew what I’d be poised to lose in my next trip though SFO if I had the extra cash. Sure, they have cute little heart charms for sale and stuff, but the real TSA-pants-wetting fun is to be had with charms like the ones above: the $234 Knuckles with Stones, the $318 Large 007 Gun with Stones and the Bomb With Stones (priced according to stones used). They tell us, “All jewelry is available in 14K, 18K or 22K white, yellow, rose or green gold. Jewelry is also available in platinum with a variety of precious stones; all subject to market prices.” Sweet.
PNUT Jewelry: Precious Gallery (pnutjewelry.com)

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