Pay Per Post: Blogosphere STD

Pay Per Post turns bloggers into spammers, period. Valleywag ventures into scary bloggy unprotected gloryhole territory to publish the “pitch” email PPP sent to Gizmodo yesterday, revealing just how infections like this are spread. Disclosure: I write for Gawker Media at and love it, and guess what we think of PPP? Ah yeah, it’s like that. Now don’t you wonder which gadget blogs are on the take? Snip:

One would have thought that the attitude of blog publishers, including Gawker Media, publisher of this site, was clear: Pay Per Post, the blog marketing scam backed by Tim Draper, the Silicon Valley venture capitalist, is payola journalism. Disclosure does not absolve those publishers which take bribes from Pay Per Post clients such as Hewlett Packard. But the disdain for such marketing tactics doesn’t stop Ted Murphy, the venture’s shameless chief exec. Below, a pitch email from Murphy which just landed at Gizmodo, Gawker Media’s gadget site.


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